Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bake Me A Cake Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Bake Me A Cake - Essay Example This has also helped BMAC in adverting about its products because the satisfied customers have resulted in word-of-mouth advertising that have greatly expanded the business’ customer base. Bakery industry in Canada has a number of opportunities and risks that Bourgon need to understand. The industry has experienced massive growth since the recession particularly due to changing preferences of consumers. Consumers increasingly demand healthy and custom-made cakes for their various events. Because of this, the bakery industry revenue is anticipated to grow over the coming years at a strong rate per year. The online markets are able to offer BMAC the ability to attract a wide customer base thus greatly expanding their business in terms of sales volume. BMAC is able to market to a very wider audience for relatively low expense. BMAC can adopt new technology to better meet or satisfy the needs of their customer with new as well as improved products in a timely manner. Incorporation of technology into the business will build a competitive barrier against BMAC’s rivals thus giving it a competitive edge. Fragmented markets of the bakery industry provide a number of opportunities for BMAC to expand as well as increase their market share. Such markets have numerous small rivals that lack cost advantages or bigger companies. BMAC can automate to develop a competitive advantage. The industry has several grocery stores and independent bakeries that operate their own in-house bakeries. BMAC has to deal with this saturated and consolidated market by automating or providing other distinct value to their customers so as to be able to compete with larger bakeries. The consumers are expected to switch to healthful baked offerings that are free of many additives and Trans fats. In future, gluten-free products for individuals with grain sensitivities will be on the rise. BMAC should capitalize on

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